Time and Movement
- A Mini Research About The Artist Akinori Goto

by Esther Zhang03.01.2022

I came across a video of his dynamic light sculpture Ballet on vimeo couple weeks ago, and I was immediately intrigued by the breathtaking beauty of his work. It is simple, dynamic and full of choreographical aesthetics. He only uses the simplest monochromatic light beams to depict the subtle and silky movements of a ballet dancer. I replayed the videos again and again as the rotation could maintain forever.

From his description, he materialized time as a timeless rotating 3d-printed sculpture. He is very restrained with the materials, so he only uses light beams and nylon to reify the shape of time within the movement of a ballet dancer. From my perspective, the beautiful movement is indeed a self-explanatory of time.

BALLET #01 (2016) Photo: Ars Electronica / Robert Bauernhansl
BALLET #01 (2016) Photo: Ars Electronica / Robert Bauernhansl

His latest work Energy forge his concept expressing and reifying time within aesthetic movements ahead. This is a much larger scale installation with sculpture hanging right in the center of the room and a moving linear light will project on to this mesh sculpture to show the choreographic bodies. The lissome movements flowing gently over the mesh sculpture just as a ballet performance in the air. I really like how he creates a scene of dancing in the air with floating airy installation. The mesh structure is tangible but the choreography is abstract and flowy. Just as he presented in this work - “The movement that emerges from the streams of light illuminates time, revealing the movement of the past, present and future.”

I am always intrigued by how to create an alternate world to speculate the relationship between intangible substance such as time, light and air with the physical space and resources. His work gave me so much inspirations of how the analog substance and organic materials could help enhance the purity and aesthetics of light.