by Esther Zhang 2022

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Sharks is an interactive game, both mobile and web friendly, aiming to share facts and knowledge of sharks with the public through joyful experience.

play it here: https://meetsharks.com/


Sharks is an interactive educational game which aims to convey interesting facts and common knowledge about this ancient species to the public. In this relaxing and scavenger hunt game, people are able to use either mouse (desktop) or touchscreen interface to select the main character and control its movement to start the adventure. In the game, several knowledge spots are scattered over the entire ocean, which will unveil one fact of the shark when it is touched by the main character. Besides that, there are also some relics and trash cans that will unveil some facts and knowledge about the ecosystem under the immense ocean as well as the significant issues related to pollution.

game demo video


The sharks are a special exhibition and knowledge collation at several museums, such as American Museum of Natural History, New York Aquarium and Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History and Ocean Portal development.

sharks exhibition at AMHN
sharks exhibition at NY aquarium

I visited some of them in person and obtained a lot fun facts and new knowledge of this ancient species. The experience dispeled some myths about sharks that I always had when heard the word "shark". For example, sharks are not man-eaters by default. It turns out that the fear or even disguest impression that I had for sharks are mainly fueled by stereotypes, exaggerated stories and unduly sensationalized portrayal in films and TV works. But, in fact, they are not. Thanks to my visits to these museums, which inspired me to start work on a educational game to help dispel the lables attached on the sharks, the dangerous, indiscriminate killers that eat anything in sight.

Research and Inspirations

Digital shark game: Man eater, image credit: PlayStation Blog
Digital shark game: Hungry sharks

I wished to build a game providing more joyful experience to diminish the scary impression people tend to have when they think of sharks.

Visual deisgn